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Web hosting is an often overlooked aspect of maintaining an active online presence. But the reality of the situation is that regardless of the time and money spent creating an original, eye-catching, and interactive site, it won't benefit a business in the least if the host server consistently goes down. As simple a factor as it seems, the dependability of a website's host is paramount!

Site Dynamics is happy to be able to guarantee 99.95% uptime for all our websites so any interruption in service is minimal, if at all. We also recognize that all clients' needs are not equal - some sites demand immense storage capacities and high monthly bandwidth, while other sites requirements demand less resources. Most sites fall within the latter category, and as such Site Dynamics charges a minimal fee; we are clients too, in our day to day lives, and understand that one should only pay for what one gets!

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Finding the perfect domain name is a great place to start when it comes to getting your site under way. Try out our domain name availability tool below to see what names are available, but first - read this article in our blog on domain name selection tips!

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